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Qwtly is a simple application which lets you save and share your favorite quotations from books, magazines, online articles, movies, TV, or even from what you've just heard.

Add Using This Website provides you with a simple and easy to use portal to save, share, import and organize your favorite quotes.

Add Using The Browser Extensions

The Qwtly browser extension makes it easy for you to save quotes from articles you read online. All you need to do is highlight and save.

Add From Mobile

Inspiration is everywhere and what better way to capture those moments but by using the Qwtly app to either automatically save an inputted or dictated text, or better yet take a picture and select the desired text.

Interested to try out the beta?

We are still working hard to build this site. If you want to know about recent updates, like our Facebook page.

Never forget a saying ever again.

Inspiration is everywhere. We help you save, organize and share those quotes.

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